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DIGITECH: The Conference for innovators and tech enthusiasts

Plan to join us at Digitech Conference 2016 Oct 27–28, 2016. 

Digitech Conference is a two-day technology innovation conference aimed at bringing leading creative entrepreneurs, top tech thinkers, cutting edge companies, global policy influencers, venture capitalists, investors and start-ups across Africa for in-depth exploration into how data, technology and innovation can impact our communities and unlock economic prosperity.  

The conference is designed to appeal to companies across a broad spectrum of industries with the shared goal of understanding how data can provide a compelling backdrop to shape ecosystems, improve products and deliver value.  

Data will provide an important backdrop towards the Federal Government's diversification effort. Also, harnessing and analysing data to discern patterns and make better decisions, gain competitive advantage, understand ourselves better, enhance product development and create targeted marketing, remains an unexplored angle.  

How can we leverage big data to create new growth opportunities and entirely new categories of companies, such as those that aggregate and analyse industry data? How can forward-thinking leaders across sectors aggressively build their organisations using big data capabilities? How do we leverage data driven insights to develop the next generation of start-ups, products and services?

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