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    Ademola Morebise
    By Ademola Morebise


    The last time I did anything B2C was in 2013.

    (Now, B2C means Business-to-consumer like Facebook, Tecno and co. Businesses that deal with end users)

    We had grew OneCrier into a few thousand users and had started generating some revenue, but ultimately, I had to sink the ship because the long term prospect was not looking good.

    Since 2014, I have focussed my mind on training people and developing client projects to make money.

    However, everytime I try to walk away from working on my startup ideas, I am always pulled back in.

    The truth is that to build a B2C focussed startup is hard. I know this firsthand from personal experience and from startup failure stories I study.

    It is very hard.


    You need a lot of money, a lot of good heads on your team and a killer strategy.

    I don't have any of the 3 things I have just listed.

    ...and that should be enough to stop me from even trying, but no.

    I allow myself to believe I have faith in God, and that faith in God is all I need.

    Oh dear!

    And so, because I am a fool that refuses to face the facts and move quietly and settle into retirement as a motivator, trainer and startup consultant....

    I am going to town again.

    I want to ring the bells of Gistcaster in every campus and every city I find, just like I tried to do in 2009, 2011 and 2013 (those are the 3 times I tried before and I failed woefully each time)

    I would like to think I have acquired a lot of grit and tenacity to forge ahead by failing 3 times already.

    Somehow, the tenacity and never-say-die spirit developed to keep pushing against all odds and common sense is all part of the journey.

    I really think I will succeed this time around.

    I am older and wiser now; this time, I even seem to have a powerful ally that will help me.

    Like they say about divine ideas: they never die, they only get clearer and stronger.

    Everybody who turns out to be truly successful must have passed through the valley of the shadow of death at some point or the other.

    Dig into the biographies of great men, from the ancient era of people like Joseph, Moses, King David, and on to modern times of people like Steve Jobs, Olusegun Obasanjo. Question your mentors that are actually successful, everyone had to go through failure, betrayal, and real pain.

    The things that makes us truly successful are the hard lessons learnt during the season of failure. I can even make a sound case on why early success can even kill you.

    My mentor says you should befriend a person who has had many troubles and yet stayed intact; that shows he has “disaster management skills”. As for people who claim to have never had any serious problem? Kindly run away from them because when the first problem strikes, they might just collapse under the strike.

    So... I am going to town again. This is my 4th outing with Gistcaster.

    Gistcaster is on a mission to quickly connect you with the info you need. (None of the 12 other apps you already use does it the way we intend to do - trust me on this one)

    We will enter every campus we find.

    We will enter every town or city we find.

    We are Gistcaster.

      Ademola Morebise

      Ademola Morebise

      I created Gistcaster

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