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This is Gistcaster!

When I launched Gistcaster on september 6, 2009, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no clue about just how much my life was about to change. The Gistcaster project changed my life forever.

While it is true that Gistcaster failed; over and over, I think Gistcaster's success story is me. Gistcaster created me and made me who I am today. Gistcaster gave me a reason to stay alive, toughen up, skill up and get out of my shell.

Gistcaster made me rise to the game and now its time to repay the favour.

Gistcaster has gone far beyond when we started: a young man and his laptop. Gistcaster has inspired a lot of people and filled them with the courage that they can move ahead and built digital age companies. Anybody can do it.

The very same drive that started the project over 6 years ago is still here, the problems we wanted to use Gistcaster to solve are still unsolved! There's still a gap for Gistcaster out there.

And so, today, we step out with Gistcaster once again, we are still commited to "connect you to the information you need, quickly".

Hello World! Let's gist!

    Ademola Morebise

    Ademola Morebise

    I created Gistcaster

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