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Talking about Nigeria's economic turnaround at Higher Life Forum

It was a great time at the Higher Life Forum today!

Today's topic was "WE ARE NIGERIA'S ECONOMIC MIRACLE", and it was indeed an exciting and impactful session. I learned that we can stop waiting for the government and instead brace up to see what we can do to boost Nigeria's economy.

We discussed the 3 step plan Bill Gates extracted from a study of Asian countries that had recently experienced economic turnarounds.

The 3 step plan:

  • Create conditions necessary for small farmers to thrive
  • Use the money from agric to build manufacturing base focussed on exports
  • Manage the finances well

We then asked the big question: can it work in Nigeria?

We concluded on it this way: with few modifications, we can actually get it to work.

    Ademola Morebise

    Ademola Morebise

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