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      Ikere-Ekiti, also called Ikere or Ikerre, town, Ekiti state, southwestern Nigeria, on the road from Akure to Ado-Ekiti. A major collecting point for cocoa, it also serves as an agric...

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        Ado-Ekiti, town, capital of Ekiti state, southwestern Nigeria. It lies in the Yoruba Hills, at the intersection of roads from Akure, Ilawe, Ilesha, Ila (Illa), and Ikare, and is situated 92 miles (148 km) east-northeast of Ibadan. An urban and industrial centre of the region.

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          Akure is a city in south-western Nigeria and is the largest city and capital of Ondo State It lies in the southern part of the forested Yoruba Hills and at the intersection of roads from Ondo, Ilesha, Ado-Ekiti, and Owo. To post your gist about Akure, add akure to your gist's tags.

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            Federal University of Technology, Akure

            The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) is a top ranking University of technology in Nigeria and indeed the nation's pride. To post your latest FUTA gist, add futa to your gist's tags.